Bendix Brake Pads MD32 for Crypton-R, Nouvo-Z, FZ16

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MD32 BENDIX BRAKE DISC PAD For Motorcycle Models: - YAMAHA: [front]Crypton-R, [front]Nouvo-Z - Bendix Motorcycle Brake Pads are quieter and cleaner with consistent performance. Manufactured using Hybrid Fusion Technology for superior noise, vibration and harshness control. - The Benefits are consistent pedal feel, enhanced durability, high fade resistance, reduced noise and vibration, minimal dust and improved stopping performance. - Whether for an everyday scooter, a dirt bike, a high performance road bike or motorcycle to carry those heavy loads, put your foot down with confidence by fitting Bendix. INSTRUCTION: Install into the caliper in order to press the rotor disc to stop the motorcycle. TIP: Replace new brake pad when thickness is less the 1 MM and should be checked every 6 months


(No reviews yet) Write a Review